7 Tie-Ins Between the 2nd Time Jonah was Sent & The 2nd Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1994

Similarities between Jonah's preaching and our time:

  • Jonah (the dove/Holy Spirit) was sent to Nineveh a second time.
  • Holy Spirit poured out in 1994 a second time.
  • Jonah preached the preaching God bid him-of a date (40 days) for destruction.
  • God's people guided by the Holy Spirit (dove) declared to the world a date for Judgment Day.

Jonah went into the city of Nineveh a day's journey and preached, though it was a city of three days journey, 2/3 of the city was not the target of his preaching (we see the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio). God sent the gospel into the world to save only the elect (1/3) leaving the non elect (2/3) without salvation.

Jonah's second time of being sent to Nineveh resulted in the salvation of a great multitude. We cannot find a greater number saved anywhere in the Old Testament than those saved in the city of Nineveh. The second outpouring of the Holy Spirit (the Latter rain) resulted in the salvation of a great multitude of people. More were saved during the little season of Great Tribulation then at any other time in history.

Jonah preached one day, and then went out of the city to wait the remaining 39 days-showing an interesting 39/40 day arrangement. Beginning with the Jubilee year of 1994 until 2033 is 39 actual years or 40 inclusive years (39/40).

While waiting to see what would become of the city Jonah dwelt in a booth (tabernacle) for 39 days. The spiritual fulfillment of the feast of tabernacles is understood to be the feast of the Bible, God's elect people are protected by this booth (the Bible) throughout the time of the end as the Lord opens the Scriptures to reveal things previously sealed up (from 1994 to 2033 = 39 years of receiving revelation and being protected from the hot scorching sun of God's judgment first on the churches and then on the world).

The book of Jonah leaves the reader waiting along with Jonah in a booth/tabernacle for the 40 days to expire. We are presently waiting in a spiritual booth/tabernacle (Bible) for 40 inclusive years to expire. This will happen in the year 2033 AD.